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29 - 30 May 2024
9:00am 5:00pm CET

Leveraging Innovation Ecosystems for Sustainable Cities: an EUI Capacity Building Event

On 29-30 May, the very first capacity building event in 2024 took place in Tampere, Finland. Focusing on how to foster innovation ecosystem via Sustainable Urban Development, the event explores with European frontrunners:

  • Building thriving innovation ecosystems: Learn how strategies can foster collaboration and scale up successful solutions, paving the way for a fair green and digital transition.
  • Strengthening city-to-city cooperation: Discover how cities and regions can work together more effectively to maximize the impact of sustainable urban development initiatives.

Through interactive workshops and inspiring discussions, participants gained the tools and connections needed to turn your city into a leader in sustainable development.

To reach these objectives, we designed a curriculum packed with practical insights on collaboration and innovation ecosystems. The event delved into these key questions:

  • Building Powerful Partnerships: Discover how cities can foster vibrant innovation ecosystems and scale up proven solutions for a sustainable future.
  • Putting Theory into Practice: Learn how European cities are implementing successful collaboration models like triple and quadruple helix partnerships, and how they create joint initiatives.
  • Scaling Up Your Impact: Explore strategies for working towards shared regional and national goals, leveraging the power of multi-level networks for maximum effect.
  • Building a Winning Portfolio: Sharpen your skills in building strong project portfolios aligned with Sustainable Urban Development strategies. We'll explore how to bundle projects for a bigger impact, attracting investment and maximizing positive change.
  • Funding Your Vision: Discover innovative ways to manage your SUD project portfolio, including navigating diverse funding sources beyond ERDF. Plus, learn how to find the perfect project partners and collaborate on major EU funding calls.
  • Collaborating on a European scale: Learn how to best foster cooperation between cities across Europe.

The event was held in person and in English.

Have a look of the event and the photos on flickr.

What's on the agenda?

Join us in Tampere for two interactive workshops featuring pioneering cities across Europe.

Build your skills on:

  • Building your funding strategy: a participatory approach to territorial diagnostics and opportunity mapping, feat. the city of Schaerbeek, Belgium.
  • From strength to strength: Harnessing EU value in developing the innovation ecosystem for digital transition, feat. the city of Bielsko-Biala, Poland.
  • The Smart Rural City: how an innovation strategy is transforming an entire region, feat. the city of Fundão, Portugal.
  • Using value chain innovation to speed up climate transition, feat. the city of Helsingborg, Sweden.
  • Developing an investment strategy in micro-cities , feat. the cities of Ventspils and Valmiera, Latvia.
  • Driving sustainable urban development with Innovation District, feat. Ørestad Innovation City Copenhagen.
  • Collaborative Governance for Knowledge-Intensive Business Competitiveness, feat. Bilbao, Spain.
  • Enhancing the accessibility and value of data with Digital Twins, feat. the city of Tallinn, Estonia.

Deep Dives are a one-hour in-depth session on a specific topic related to innovation ecosytems and urban sustainability.

Join us in Tampere and take a Deep Dive on:

  • How to deliver a local Green Deal, with the city of Mannheim, Germany.
  • How to develop city-region innovation ecosystems.
  • How to run a testbed, with the cities of Kuopio and Oulu, Finland.

Beyond the workhops and Deep Dives, attend one study visit to discover Tampere's stories in innovation and sustainability.

Shaping the future of experience

Tampere's experience ecosystem offers a diverse tapestry of cultural, technological, and natural elements, creating unforgettable moments for locals and visitors.

The site visit will introduce participants to the Tampere experience ecosystem and its supportive elements. Participants will hear about:

  • Nokia Arena's contribution to the environment and sustainability and how the service ecosystem built around the arena operates.
  • How Tampere Pulse predicts city center rush hours and enables happy visits.
  • How Vapriikki Virtual Museum utilize the metaverse to serve events, education and culture.


Nurturing Innovation, Building Success - Journey through Tampere's Startup Ecosystem​

Platform6 is a startup house initiated by the local startup community and set up by the City of Tampere with the goal to support founders and help companies grow into international success. 

During the visit, participants will hear the origin story of Tampere's startup ecosystem and how the operations are built through multi-stakeholder collaboration. The event will showcase local scaleup services and provide insights into how the university supports research-to-business teams.

The visit includes a tour of Platform6 startup house and an opportunity to network with startup actors.​


Heading towards Sustainable Urban Living in Hiedanranta 

Hiedanranta aims to become vibrant heart of the western Tampere city center, where culture and community converge seamlessly.

During the visit, participant will hear how the old factory is becoming the heart of culture and community, fostering creativity and connection among residents and visitors alike.

Participants will also learn how Hiedanranta differs with its commitment to sustainability and stands as a truly green district, leading the way in energy efficiency, low-carbon initiatives, and biodiversity preservation. 


Chips from Tampere initiative boosting microchip self-sufficiency​

How is ecosystem collaboration on local, national and European level done? 

Microchips are a central component of the growth and competitiveness of businesses in Europe and Tampere. During the visit participants will learn about chip design ecosystem and the key players who are part of the European Chip Centre of Excellence for Microchip Technology.

Participants will also hear the story behind recent news of Tampere University receiving €40 million in funding for a pilot line for semiconductor chip packaging.

29 - 30 May 2024
9:00am 5:00pm CET
Leveraging Innovation Ecosystems for Sustainable Cities: an EUI Capacity Building Event