EUI Identity

The EUI Identity is a representation of a path to sustainable urban development, introducing you to the core values of our initiative: innovation, capacity building, and knowledge to integrated and sustainable urban development in Europe

The EUI visual identity is a prominent display of its fundamental support to European cities on innovative solutions, capacity and knowledge building as well as policy development on sustainable urban development. It is a key element, representing the ambition, the core magnitude of the initiative and our presence within the urban dimension of the Cohesion Policy.

At EUI, we aim to establish a bond and connection with cities, partners, institutions, organisations as well as citizens and local policy stakeholders -- ensuring a more integrated, inclusive and sustainable urban development policy stage.

EUI’s path to sustainable urban development


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Visually, our identity displays a set of interconnecting elements, each representing an aspect of EUI in relation to innovative actions, capacity-building and communication & knowledge.

This type of linear drawing is used to specifically illustrate the idea of continuity and evolution.

Our Tagline

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EUI can be described in the following tagline: «innovate. share.inspire.». The tagline is inspired by the different strands representing the initiative: innovative actions, capacity building, and knowledge, policy & communication. The tagline is our unique expression that echoes the voice and image of the initiative.

Our Colors

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The EUI’s primary colors, on the one hand, relate to the European root colors of the of EU emblem, on the other hand, to identify with EUI’s predecessor, Urban Innovative Actions. The primary colors are also used to display the innovative actions strand.

These secondary, supporting colors identify with the other EUI strands, namely, capacity building, knowledge and communication, respectively.

Using the EU Logo

All beneficiaries of EU funding shall use the European emblem in their communication to acknowledge the support received under EU programmes. The statement “Co-funded by the European Union” must always be spelled out in full, written in Arial Bold.


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Download the EUI branding guidelines with more information on the EU emblem, our visual identity, use of colors and tools for EUI projects.

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