8.4 European law requirements

Projects are co-financed by public funds and must consequently acknowledge their funding source. Article 50 of the Regulation 2021/1060 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 June 2021 lays down beneficiaries’ obligations regarding information and communication measures for the public:

  • Projects must provide information on the project on their official website and social media channels. They should provide a short description of the project, its aim and result, and highlight the ERDF support from the EU
  • Partners must display the EU emblem and reference to the ERDF on all information and communication provided by the project in a visible manner. This also implies displaying the EU flag at events organised by the project. Make sure to insert the following sentence on each communication material: “Funded by the European Union” or “Co-funded by the European Union”.
  • A project poster with information about the project (minimum size A3), including the financial support from the ERDF, at a location readily visible to the public of each project partner.
  • Branding for infrastructure and construction sites: for all projects with a public contribution of more than EUR 500 000 (i.e. funds from European Urban Initiative – Innovative Actions or any other public sources), a durable plaque or billboard of clearly visible to the public, that present the emblem of the EU. Please note, that for ongoing infrastructure works a temporary billboard/ plaque is obligatory.

Please note that non-compliance with the above rules may lead to financial corrections on the ERDF funding.

The following materials and templates are available on the EUI website:

Templates: (i) PowerPoint and Word, (ii) project poster, (iii) letter paper, (iv) publication layout, (v) permanent plaque, (vi) banner stand.

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