8.1 Introduction

Effective communication must be an important part of the EUI-IA projects and should be seen as one of the key factors of a project’s successes and positive impact on its target audience and the broader EU community of Cohesion Policy stakeholders. Communication must be treated as an integral part of the project, a strategic project tool actively contributing to the project objectives. It brings together all members of a Project Partnership around common goals and will:

  • make target groups, including the wider group of stakeholders (citizens, social and economic stakeholders) and other EU cities as well as the relevant managing authorities from Cohesion Policy programmes, aware of the EUI-IA project,
  • help them to participate in the project, and
  • to support and adopt the innovative solution.

Therefore, sufficient time and resources should be dedicated to the project communication from the start. Each project is required to develop its own communication strategy, communication and capitalisation activities through the Work Package Communication and Capitalisation of the Application Form. For all related activities, Project Partners are encouraged to adopt a carbon-neutral based approach for example by limiting the production of promotional material.

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