3.1 Project application

The Application Form for the EUI-IA project shall be submitted during the eligible period defined in the Call for Proposals.

Application Forms need to be submitted by the Call deadline. A published Terms of Reference will define the specifications and requirements for each Call, including the list of topics for which MUA can submit a project proposal. The submission of the Application Form and annexes is 100% paperless through the use of the EUI-IA’s Electronic Exchange Platform (hereinafter: EEP).

A Courtesy Document helping applicants in preparing their Application Forms is provided on the EUI website, together with the EEP Guidance on how to use the system. It is strongly recommended that applicants fill in the Application Form in clear English, although it may also be submitted also in any of the official EU languages.

It should be noted that the Strategic and Operational Assessment is done on the basis of the English version of the Application Form (translated in English by an external provider contracted by the Permanent Secretariat in case Application Form is submitted in another language). The quality of the translation will not be guaranteed by the Permanent Secretariat and therefore is at the applicants’ risk.

Moreover, the Subsidy Contract, project management, formal reporting, key deliverables and all communication with the Entrusted Entity and the Permanent Secretariat are in English. Only information provided in the Application Form and the allowed annex are taken into account for the assessment. The documents to be sent are:

  • Application Form: The Application Form must be filled in using the online platform (EEP). It is composed of sections presenting the project idea and the rationale (including information on the innovativeness of the proposal), the Partnership (including the MUA, the Delivery Partners, Transfer Partners, and if relevant the AUA), the main objectives and expected results, the proposed Work Plan and budget. Editing and submission is only possible during an open Call for Proposals. The application includes a number of automatic links, formulas and checks. These features mean that error messages appear in the form if it is not properly filled in (including missing Confirmation Sheet), and it cannot be submitted. This helps to significantly reduce the risk of submitting ineligible applications.
  • Annex: Applicants can upload one annex in the EEP system that will be attached to the Application Form. This could be a map presenting the area of intervention, a graph, an infographic, etc. The type and size of the file to be annexed are specified in the EEP Guidance.
  • Confirmation Sheet: The Confirmation Sheet is automatically generated by the online platform when the Application Form is being completed or after its completion. It must be printed, signed by a legal representative of the MUA, scanned and uploaded in the Application Form Part H “Confirmation Sheet”. The Application Form cannot be submitted without the Confirmation Sheet.

The Permanent Secretariat staff will provide ongoing support to applicants during the Calls for Proposals through a set of online and physical tools. The applicant supporting tools are available on the EUI website, including the different Guidance documents, webinars and a detailed Q&A section.

If specific queries remain unaddressed, an online form is available on the website for applicants to contact the Permanent Secretariat directly. The Permanent Secretariat will organise Applicants Seminars in different cities of the European Union prior to each Call for Proposals, the details of which can be found in the section “Events” of the EUI website. At the beginning of each Call, the calendar of the different events and direct (online) sessions opportunities to exchange with the Permeant Secretariat will be communicated to applicants.

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