1.9 The European Urban Initiative experts

Each project financed in the framework of the EUI-IA will benefit from the support of a European Urban Initiative Expert (hereinafter: EUI Expert). More specifically, EUI Experts will provide projects with:

  • Advice and guidance at a strategic and operational level on the project and its implementation, especially regarding the innovative content, and including strategic support to ensure that the project remains on track and successfully achieves its potential for scale-up and transfer once completed.
  • Assistance in the development of project documentation and outputs that will capture and disseminate achievements and post-implementation prospects (sustainability, scale-up and transferability potential), lessons learnt and good practices, to a wider audience in view of facilitating the deployment of the most successful innovations in other EU cities, including with the support from Cohesion Policy programmes. Support in the dissemination of project knowledge through EUI communication channels and capacity building and/or knowledge capitalisation activities under strand B of the EUI.
  • Participation and contribution to capitalisation and dissemination activities under strand B of the EUI, support regarding the area of expertise relevant for each Call for Proposals and Cohesion policy in general, including providing a policy watch at EU level and on academic research.
  • Assistance in the implementation of the Transfer Work Package (e.g. participation of site visits, facilitation of exchanges, assistance in reaching out to Managing Authorities…) and the drafting of the transfer outputs (Replication Feasibility and Opportunity Study, EUI - Innovative Solution Model…).

The support and advice will be provided by the EUI Experts on an ongoing basis throughout the implementation process of projects as well as during the closing phase. EUI Experts will assist in the development of documentation and will produce outputs as well as capturing and disseminating the results and lessons learnt. They will share the knowledge generated with a wider audience of policymakers and practitioners across Europe. For that purpose, EUI Experts will actively collaborate with the Permanent Secretariat, Urban Contact Points at national levels and other associated partners in the frame of the implementation of activities on capacity building and/or knowledge capitalisation under strand B of the EUI.

EUI Experts are individuals with in-depth knowledge of the urban topics of relevance for each Call for Proposals; experience in working with urban authorities on projects involving public investments and their physical realisation; as well as a good understanding of the Cohesion policy framework and proven experience in supporting urban experimentation and innovation. The selection of EUI Experts will take place via the publication of open calls. The Permanent Secretariat, with the support of an external service provider, will assess all applications submitted by the candidates. The final decision on appointing EUI Experts will be taken by the representatives of the MUA of the approved EUI-IA projects in coordination with the Permanent Secretariat, building on the shortlist and taking into account urban authorities’ specific needs following an interview. The detailed work plan for each EUI Expert will be agreed between them, the Permanent Secretariat, and the MUA, based on the specific expectations and needs of the EUI-IA project and EUI framework for expertise.

The European Urban Initiative directly covers all costs related to the activities of EUI Experts (including costs for travel and accommodation). Therefore, applicants should not foresee any budget for that purpose in their Application Form.

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