4. Initiation phase and contracting

Frequently asked questions
What happens if the Initiation Phase of a selected project proposal is not successfully completed?

If the Initiation Phase is not successfully completed within the proposed timeframe of 6 months (any of the Initiation Phase compulsory steps not finalized, or negative outcome of the ex-ante audit and/or readiness check), the EUI Authorities have the right to terminate the project (considering the concept is not ready enough to be operationalized) and remove it from the list of the EUI-IA approved projects. In that case, only the two lump sums for Project Preparation and Initiation Phase are paid to the project.

Does each project and/or Project Partner have to contract their own First Level Controller (FLC)?

Projects do not need to have their own First Level Controller. For the EUI-IA, the FLC is centralised and sub-contracted to a single independent audit company by the EUI Permanent Secretariat. The costs related to FLC controls are supported by EUI. There is no need to include these costs in your project budget.

May I use the lump sums given for the “Project Preparation and Initiation Phase” only for MUA’s staff members or also for Project partners or other experts ad hoc hired for tasks related to this phase?

The MUA is the sole recipient of the lump sums and can distribute them between the Partners according to their respective involvement. The MUA should be the main actor responsible for the completion of the Initiation Phase and the main contact to the EUI-Permanent Secretariat and the First Level Control. It is possible to involve other Delivery Partners and/or other experts hired ad-hoc to support the MUA during these phases. The modalities of lump sum repartition must be defined between the Project Partners in the Partnership Agreement.

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