7.7 Recovery of European Regional Development Funds

Financial recovery of ERDF may occur:
  • after controls by SLC, European Commission (European Court of Auditors - ECA, European Anti-Fraud Office - OLAF) or other relevant authorities (ex.: Entrusted Entity, Accounting Authority…),
  • in case total eligible costs is below 80% after validation of the FC2 by FLC.

For ongoing and completed[1] projects, the unduly paid ERDF amounts will be deducted from the amount of the 3rd ERDF payment. For closed projects[2], the MUA will pay back the ineligible or undue ERDF amounts to the EUI.

[1] Projects that have ended their implementation period.

[2] Projects that have ended all project activities and received full due ERDF payment, including 3rd payment and closure lump sum.

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