Cover photo Interact Varazdin Photo by GODAR


InterACT Green - Green infrastructure InterACTive management and regeneration tested through River Drava Forest Park in Varaždin

New European Bauhaus demonstrators


Despite its natural and recreational potential, Drava park in the Agglomeration of Varaždin and Ludbreg is neglected and underused. The internationally renowned 95-hectare green area has multiple levels of environmental protection. This project facilitates the site’s complex management with a digital platform to connect citizens, city decision-makers and experts. The platform is designed to support decision-making and stakeholder communication, and provide information on the park and its use. Together with infrastructure and forest regeneration, this will enable the smooth, sustainable development of high quality, inclusive, and safe public spaces.

Our main challenges...

  • Sustainable management of urban and peri-urban forests requires long-term vision and planning. Plans need to be aligned with other municipal policies and programmes, and developed with the local community to provide ambition and direction.

  • Drava Forest Park has become neglected and underused, despite its enormous natural and recreational potential. It has provided a recreational area for citizens of Varaždin County since the 19th century.

  • The Drava forest ecosystem is in poor health. A long-term regeneration programme needs to be developed, taking into account multiple stakeholders and environmental restrictions.

and proposed solutions

  • New, tailor-made digital infrastructure. The PLATFORM is a framework of digital services answering complex management and user needs. These include an operating system, data services, cloud services, applications and web pages.

  • Physical infrastructure regeneration, aligned with New European Bauhaus values. Integral and holistic revitalisation based on partnership and InterACTion is vital to enrich the region with an organised urban green public space – River Drava Forest Park.

  • Investment in the park’s physical regeneration, with the New European Bauhaus values at its core, will make a lasting contribution to the whole region. Forest revitalisation activities will secure the long-term sustainability of the forest ecosystem.

Key figures

52 259
inhabitants living in the Agglomeration of Varaždin and Ludbreg
EUR 4 133 140.48
ERDF budget granted
1 500
square metres of forest squares and lanes with educational and recreational elements created in a well-designed forest park
digital, interdisciplinary, multidimensional, and interactive PLATFORM with a strong emphasis on public participation
project partners involved
hectares making up the area of Drava Forest Park (approximate figure)


Digital, interactive, multi-dimensional Green Infrastructure Platform is launched
Jun 2026
Riverfront InterACTive regeneration
Feb 2027
Creation of forest squares and lanes with urban equipment
Feb 2027
River Peak with art sculpture
Feb 2027
Forest areas regenerated
Feb 2027
1. Digital, interactive, multi-dimensional Green Infrastructure Platform is launched
01 Jun 2026

The digital interdisciplinary management of Drava Park is united under one user interface, known as the PLATFORM

2. Riverfront InterACTive regeneration
01 Feb 2027

Previously abandoned space is revitalised and ready for visitors

3. Creation of forest squares and lanes with urban equipment
01 Feb 2027

This solution brings new dynamism and contrast to the natural space of the forest

4. River Peak with art sculpture
01 Feb 2027

Visitors come to the River Peak area for its special landscape, atmosphere and artwork

5. Forest areas regenerated
01 Feb 2027

Forest regeneration in specifically defined locations in River Drava Forest Park