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ImperfectCity - The Imperfect City: Embracing the Imperfectness of Buildings and People to Create a Good City for Everyone

New European Bauhaus demonstrators


ImperfectCity is all about increasing public awareness – and acceptance – of urban imperfections. The project aims to create processes and techniques that enable the city and its residents to work with imperfections in terms of aesthetics, sustainability, and social relations. This requires actions to change mindsets and reduce stigma. With a particular focus on Brutalist architecture and mental health, ImperfectCity supports a future that is inclusive, sustainable and beautiful – for the eyes, mind and soul.

Our main challenges...

  • The architecture of the Kulturhus Bunkeren building is often criticised and misunderstood. A challenge is to renovate it in a way that preserves its unique Brutalist style.

  • There is a need to break down the stigma associated with mental illness and promote a more inclusive understanding of diversity. ImperfectCity is providing a platform for young people with mental vulnerability to share their stories and experiences. 

  • How to build a more collaborative and supportive community where everyone feels valued and empowered? ImperfectCity brings people from different backgrounds and sectors to work together on solutions to complex social challenges. 

and proposed solutions

  • Renovating Kulturhus Bunkeren in a way that preserves its unique character and makes it more accessible and inviting for everyone.

  • Creating jobs and communities for young people with mental vulnerability, who are often marginalised and excluded.

  • Testing new forms of collaboration between businesses, citizens and associations, which can help to break down silos and create a more cohesive community.

Key figures

367 332
inhabitants live in Aarhus
inhabitants live in the Skejby area
businesses are based in the Skejby area