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RELAUNCHTOWIN - Regenerative Local Actions for Urban Challenges to Wellness and Innovation

New European Bauhaus demonstrators


The Municipality of Burgas aims to create an aesthetic, functional and sustainable urban environment which inspires creativity, collaboration, and life-long learning. RELAUNCHTOWIN is renovating a sports hall with energy efficiency measures and transforming the surrounding areas with nature-based solutions to combat climate change. Actions include creating a community centre for social collaboration to support the inclusion of minority groups. RELAUNCHTOWIN will lead to better physical and mental health of local people, giving them a stronger sense of belonging while raising awareness about energy efficiency and climate adaption measures. 

Our main challenges...

  • The Black Sea region, where Burgas is located, faces complex challenges because of climate change. Long term trends show rising temperatures impacting biodiversity. Mitigation measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are needed.

  • Poor energy performance and thermal comfort of inefficient buildings combined with rising energy costs. Significant investment is required to ensure environmental standards are met.

  • Social inclusion challenges. For example, rising energy costs, loss of biodiversity, and extreme temperatures have a disproportionately strong impact on vulnerable groups, such as elderly people in Burgas.

and proposed solutions

  • Renovation of the sports hall with Renewable Energy Systems (RES) and Digital Twin sensors to monitor energy efficiency. This will reduce carbon emissions and contribute to sustainable energy transition. 

  • Development of nature-based solutions in the area around the sports hall. These will improve liveability, reducing the heat island effect and supporting biodiversity.

  • Community engagement activities to co-design and co-deliver services and workshops supporting socio-environmental regeneration. This will decrease the social isolation of vulnerable groups.

Key figures

205 329
residents living in Burgas Municipality
1 471 MWH
energy consumption savings expected per year thanks to energy efficiency renovations carried out during RELAUNCHTOWIN
13 000
square metres of climate-adapted public spaces created for green living and community activities


Energy efficiency renovations kick off
Mar 2024
Transformation of surrounding public space begins
Oct 2024
Community activities at the site begin
Mar 2026
1. Energy efficiency renovations kick off
01 Mar 2024

Start of work to implement energy efficiency measures and renovate buildings

2. Transformation of surrounding public space begins
31 Oct 2024

Start of interventions to build climate-adapted and nature-based solutions in the surrounding areas of the building

3. Community activities at the site begin
01 Mar 2026

Activities begin in the redeveloped Sports Hall and surrounding areas including the set-up of a local green transition unit