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04 June 2024

What do cities need? EUI launches survey to hear from the ground up

EUI has launched today a forward-looking survey to gather vital insights from urban practitioners and policymakers across Europe. This crucial survey, hosted on Portico, aims to identify key trends, challenges, knowledge gaps and support needs in European sustainable urban development.

Access the survey

Conducted every two years, the Forward-Looking Survey (FLS) plays a key role in understanding the evolving challenges and priorities of European cities. The first survey in 2024 aims at shaping a responsive approach, providing the European Commission with a deeper understanding of the emerging dynamics and needs of cities. 

Every voice is a vital block in building a stronger foundation for sustainable urban development in EU.

This is your chance to directly influence the support for sustainable urban development in Europe. Join us in a short, online survey and share the challenges and priorities facing EU urban areas. Every block counts!

Understanding the needs of cities on the ground

The FLS offers a bottom-up approach. By reaching out directly to urban practitioners, the European Commission and EUI will gain valuable insights into the real needs of cities, regardless of their size. This ensures that the EUI remains responsive and tailors its support to effectively address the challenges faced by urban areas across Europe.

Is your city facing unique challenges? Share your insights and add your block to the EUI survey!

Informing EU policies and initiatives 

The survey also plays a crucial role in informing the EU's Cohesion Policy, which allocates significant resources to sustainable urban development. By providing data-based evidence, the survey helps to ensure that the policy reflects current urban realities.

Who should participate?

The survey welcomes the participation of a wide range of urban stakeholders.

If you represent an urban authority, but also if you work in a regional or national authority, if you are an urban practitioner or a researcher in urban development, or if you represent any other organisation involved in urban policies and planning or implementing urban development strategies, this survey is for you!

To ensure a comprehensive response reflecting entire city's needs, we encourage collaborative input from various departments within cities administration.

How to participate?

It is a simple form on Portico translated in your own language, it takes around 20 minutes to contribute to the survey. Don't hesitate to feed your reply with examples.

The survey is now available in English and will be available in all EU languages next week.

Closing date and next steps

The survey opens today, 6 June, and closes on 12 July.  Cities and urban pracitioners are encouraged to participate and contribute with their valuable insights.

To ensure a comprehensive response reflecting entire city's needs, we encourage collaborative input from various departments within cities administration.

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The results of the survey will be presented at EURegionsWeek in October. 

Take part in the survey and help shape the support for Europe's cities!