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03 May 2024

Unlock the power of city synergies with Portico’s Urban Matchmaker

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EUI Team
The Portico's Urban Matchmaker tool allows cities to identify and forge transformative partnerships to achieve sustainable urban development. Explore, engage and enhance your city's initiatives through targeted matchmaking.

Are you a city with a vision for urban improvement? If so:

  • Are you interested in working with another city on specific urban issues?
  • Do you have expertise in a specific area and are looking for a partnership?
  • Are you interested in following the implementation of Innovative Actions projects as a Transfer partner?
  • Are you looking for partners to transfer your innovative idea?

Then Portico's Urban Matchmaker is just the tool for you! Visit the Urban Matchmaker on Portico, create your account and use the dedicated forms for EUI City-to-City Exchanges and EUI Innovative Actions to identify yourself to your peer cities. Portico's Urban Matchmaker is the EUI tool that allows you to search for peers and partners that match your criteria, and supports your application process within the framework of EUI City-to-City Exchanges and EUI Innovative Actions calls.

Once registered, you'll receive email notifications when matches are made with other Portico community members and cities. In addition, peers and partners can express their interest to join your city's initiative through the platform.

Looking for a City-to-City Exchange or Innovative Action idea? Browse the list of city ideas and challenges, sorted by the most recent updates. You can refine your search with filters such as theme, city size, country or simply by keywords.

Find something interesting? Visit the dedicated page and connect directly with the city by clicking on the "Match me" button, which facilitates direct communication with city representatives.

Match with city practitioners on Portico's Urban Matchmaker and join their projects and solutions to actively build partnerships that not only promote sustainable urban development, but also turn challenges into tangible solutions and successes. Harness the power of EU collaboration with EUI!

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