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14 February 2024

Meet the Sustainable Urban Development front runners of Europe on Portico!

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EUI team
It is official! You can now access all members of Portico, the gateway to urban learning, through the newly released directory of all community members.

To see the list of all 1000+ Portico members, simply visit the page: Our community | Portico (

This new feature of the platform allows you to search for all members of our community based on their thematic interest in urban topics, their location, their professional background (urban practitioners, urban policymakers...), their objectives in having joined an online community (to look for opportunities in a city-to-city exchange, to join a project, to network and exchange expertise, etc.), and even based on their spoken languages.

Each of our members’ profile pages present you with description of the member’s professional background and experience, their job details, their thematic interest and much more. This helps you decide if you have matched with the peer you were searching for and starting the conversation by contacting them through their profile page.

To boost your profile, enable your peers to match with you more easily, and enhance your visibility on the platform, you can now log into your account and complete your profile with additional information. This additional information includes writing a few sentences about yourself and your professional experience specially in working with European funds (if any), expressing your objectives in having joined the platform, and letting your peers know if you are working for a small to medium sized city administration.

Don't forget that your EUI account connects you to Portico! And no need to worry about creating a new account to view the Portico Community Members Directory, just use the one you already have. Simple and easy!

Thanks to the members of our community who truly represent a wide variety of professionals, Portico is now able to put you in direct contact with your peers from all over Europe. Whether your goal is to find the right partner to apply for the City-to-City Exchanges offer of EUI, or join an Innovative Actions as a Transfer partner, or find the expertise that your city needs, or simply network with your colleagues, Portico Community facilitates international connections.

And with Valentine's Day just around the corner, what better time than now to find your ideal urban counterpart on Portico: feel free to log in, refine your profile and start connecting with your urban peers today!