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04 June 2024

EUI Policy Lab: Leveraging culture for positive urban change

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Chalandri, Greece will host the first EUI Policy Lab exploring the role of culture and cultural heritage for stronger communities and sustainable cities on 26th and 27th September.


Culture and heritage are cornerstones of European identity, fostering a sense of belonging and shaping communities. They not only enhance a city's attractiveness, but are also a key driver of social cohesion, economic growth and the well-being of its inhabitants. Recognising this power, the European Union (EU) has promoted many initiatives to support culture and cultural heritage in cities, including the Urban Agenda for the EU (UAEU), Urban Innovative Actions (UIA), EUI and URBACT, to help cities capitalise on their cultural assets.

Building on the results of these initiatives and city experiments, EUI is organising its first policy-lab, in Chalandri, Greece, this 26th-27th September. This two-day event will bring together EU cities, urban stakeholders and experts to share knowledge and gather evidence on urban practices, using culture and heritage as a catalyst for positive change.

The EUI Policy Lab provides a unique opportunity to:

  • Discuss the transformative power of culture and heritage in cities: participants will explore the critical role these assets play in promoting social cohesion and environmental improvements in urban areas.
  • Capture evidence-based urban stories: UAEU, UIA, EUI and URBACT cities will share their practical experiences and achievements.
  • Sharing knowledge: the lab will facilitate knowledge transfer between local authorities, ensuring that valuable lessons are effectively shared across the EU.
  • Generate new knowledge: by examining concrete results of city experiments, the event will generate new knowledge to equip city practitioners with tools and practical information to leverage their cultural assets for positive change.

Join the discussion and register now!

The EUI Policy Lab, organised in coordination with the City of Chalandri who implemented the innovative action project CULTURAL H.ID.RA.N.T. , welcomes all participants, with a priority given to cities and local authorities, and urban practitioners. Places are limited, so early registrations are encouraged to secure your spot!