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19 November 2023

Continuous call: City-to-City Exchanges

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In Spring 2023, the European Urban Initiative (EUI) introduced a transformative capacity-building program to assist EU cities towards Sustainable Urban Development. One of the main proposed services was: City-to-City Exchanges.

First concrete Exchanges started this month (November 2023), and we note an ever increasing demand for the service  as we approach the end of the year.  We welcome these dynamics and, in order to better respond to city needs, EUI has decided to continue to offer this service on an ongoing basis.

How can a City-to-City Exchange help?

Whether you are working on a urban reforestation project and need to dive deeper into strategies for effective data collection and analysis; want to learn to navigate the complexities of multi-stakeholder involvement; wish to explore cutting-edge practices in areas like decarbonised mobility and biodiversity conservation, etc.; gaining insights from fellow European cities can be both enlightening and inspiring.

Our City-to-City Exchanges are a good way to engage in and learn from European experiences to help in your city strategy. The Exchanges are bilateral in nature, but you can plan to visit up to two peer cities, if relevant. You equally can welcome them back home to close the circle and fully embed the learnings into your future plans. 

Key Features of the service

  • Easy and short application. Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis; you can expect an answer in 1 month-time.
  • This service is dedicated to urban authorities representatives, but relevant stakeholders can join the delegations when justified
  • We provide financial support for the actual visits (travel, subsistence etc.), and we can equally assign an expert moderator to help you plan and conduct the meetings in the most efficient way

We are here to help you!

  1. All details about the City-to-City Exchanges, including detailed guidance and application template, are available on this dedicated page.
  2. We are here to respond to any questions you might have. Book your online consultation here.
  3. Early 2024 we will organise an online matchmaking event to present further the service and to facilitate connections between European cities. Create an account on our website and subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date. 
  4. For additional information or queries, email us at