Mayor turin cities forum 2023
07 May 2024

Cities Forum 2025: showcase your city's renaissance like Turin

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EUI Team
Turin has set an impressive precedent as host of the 2023 Cities Forum. The city has showcased its abilities not only as a vibrant urban centre, but also as a model of urban innovation and cooperation. 

As we look ahead to 2025, consider the transformative opportunities your city could gain from hosting the Cities Forum. Inspired by Turin's successful experience as host, your city could also use this event to showcase its urban transformation and commitment to EU Cohesion policy. Read the testimony of Fabrizio Barbiero, Public Manager of the Turin Innovation European Funds Department, to find out more about the reasons for applying and the benefits for your city.

Why did you apply to be the host of the 2023 edition of the Cities Forum?

Turin applied to host the 2023 Cities Forum with the aim of showcasing its city's remarkable urban metamorphosis and its steadfast dedication to the principles of EU cohesion policies. Over the decades, Turin has evolved from a bustling industrial center to a vibrant hub of knowledge, culture, and innovation. This transformation, characterized by the revitalization of former industrial areas and the promotion of social cohesion, summarizes the essence of urban renewal. By hosting the Cities Forum, the city sought not only to share its story but also to exchange experiences, strategies, and best practices with European counterparts, promoting collaboration and mutual learning on a broader scale.

As the host city, could you explain shortly how the event benefited your city?

 The 2023 Cities Forum brought manifold benefits to Turin. It provided a notable chance to highlight the city's accomplishments in sustainable urban development projects. Additionally, it enabled learning from other cities, fostering a shared purpose among decision makers, practitioners and local communities across Europe. Furthermore, the forum boosted Turin's visibility and acted as a valuable platform for informal dialogue with European counterparts.

What is your best memory of the event?

Looking back at the event, it's the diverse experiences that came out during the informal moments that stand out the most. Seeing the lively exchange of ideas, forming new potential partnerships, and the shared commitment to tackling urban issues had a lasting impact. These interactions enhanced our understanding of urban development and underscored the importance of collaboration in building resilient, inclusive cities. In essence, the 2023 Cities Forum serves as a catalyst to work towards a more sustainable and fair urban future.

Don't miss your chance to bring this influential gathering to your doorstep. Apply by 13 May to host the 6th edition of the Cities Forum and join a distinguished network of cities that have made significant strides towards building a more cohesive and sustainable urban future. Engage with leading voices in urban policy, apply now and make your city a hub of European dialogue!